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Bringing an alternative method of advertising to local Glendale businesses!!

2020 finally came!  We felt like we entered the future.  Then March 2020 came and the entire world started shutting down.  We quickly realized how fragile our livelihood is.  We now enter the last half of 2020 and we still don’t know what to expect!

I can’t fix what is going on in the world, but I’d like to offer local businesses a chance to advertise on a different platform, gain loyal local customers, and retain those customers for years to come. 

If you own a business in Glendale, AZ and would like to find out what Whiplash Ads can do for you, please click here for information.
Do you own a sportscar?  Would you like to earn some passive monthly income to help fray your vehicle expenses while helping local businesses gain new customers?  Click here for information

Looking to have a website designed for your business or charity?  I can help you with that.  Please look around my entire website here to get an idea of what I can create for you.  I have many design examples for you to choose from.  Click here to contact me!

As you can see, we can create an eye-catching advertisement that makes people turn their heads!  This amateur cellphone picture doesn’t do this car justice.  When the sun is shining on this wrap, you can’t miss it, even from over 100ft away!

The wrap you see is only on the driver-side!  The rest of the car is a shiny black canvas just waiting for your business name & logo!

Click here to choose a panel and see the pricing.

Shiny Black Canvas

As you can see, the rest of this Corvette is ready to advertise on!  Choose a panel, pay the fee, and have your information displayed for people in the area to see!

Free Advertising on the Corvette!

Yes you read the heading correctly!  I’m offering an introductory special for the remainder of 2020.  If you are a business operating in Glendale, AZ and choose to have me create and maintain a website for you, I will offer you a small spot on the Corvette to display your company name / logo.

Whiplash Ads on Social Media!

Every business needs an online presence!  A website is the best thing to have as the foundation for that presence.  A website can be full of information for people to see and learn about your business.

Social Media these days is a necessity for almost any business.  It allows direct communication with those who follow the business, and it’s free to post anything at anytime!

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Tell me your business story!

How has 2020 affected your business?  Did it have a positive or negative effect on your sales and profit margins?  Where do you see your business in a couple of years?  Did your business fail this year?
These are the questions I need to know to understand what other businesses should and shouldn’t be doing in order to prosper and bring the local economy up as a whole.  We are all in this together!

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