The wheel dean

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On January 3, 2016 my girlfriend and I arrived here in Phoenix, AZ.  Her being a wheelchair user born with Spina Bifida and me being a C5-7 Quadriplegic, we had to get away from the cold snowy and occasionally hot and always humid climate of the Hudson Valley in NY.

2016 marked a new beginning for us together, and at age 41 I was still trying to figure out what to do with my life.  I had always been mechanically involved in the auto industry, so after enjoying a year long vacation and buying a house, I became a Service Writer at a local Auto Repair shop (2/6/2017 – 2/28/2020).

The Wheel Dean” is a name I came up with when I took a leave of absence in summer 2019.  It represents the realization I had after being in a wheelchair for 24 years… that I AM IN A WHEELCHAIR!  Of course I already knew that, but I was really starting to feel the physical decline of it all.  Hence the leave of absence.

During the “leave” I exercised daily (watch video) and built up my strength and returned to work at the auto shop, but the stress built up fast and it only took a few months to notice a significant decline in my physical strength.  Sitting behind a desk all day was going to kill me!  So I had to leave that job.

So here I am, The Wheel Dean is focused on being as healthy and fit as a quadriplegic can be AND I want to help others in wheelchairs live a better, healthier, safer, and more fun life!  Let’s do this together!  Look through my pages here to learn more and follow me on social media to keep up with random stuff I post.  Find me everywhere as @thewheeldean