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Coming early December 2022…

TheWheelDean’s YouTube channel will be releasing videos of the November trip to the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas!

Why is TheWheelDean doing this?
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Las Vegas Aerial

TheWheelDean is a C5 Quadriplegic with a C5 Corvette! Some smokin’ video’s coming this fall!

You will be “old” a lot longer than you will be “young.”  So kids, don’t waste your time trying to impress your peers because those same peers later in life will be impressed by the fact that you didn’t care about impressing them back then.  That’s how you leave a true impression.  I wish someone told me this when I was a kid!  ~TheWheelDean

If this is your first time here, or you never heard of TheWheelDean, click on the Biography link to get up to speed.

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Stress is a silent killer.  So is most of our food supply.  Relax.  Eat carefully.  Feel better.

Fun Fact: I ate dinner with Ozzy in 1984 at a TJ Martell Fund Raiser for Leukemia & Cancer Research after he watched a documentary about me on the big screen.


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Fun Fact: I was interviewed by Ratchet & Wrench magazine at my job in 2017 and was the cover story in December 2017!

Read the article here!

Below you will find a growing list of topics related to living with a Spinal Cord Injury as well as living with Severe Heart Failure.

Living with a Spinal Cord Injury:
Autonomic Dysreflexia.
Bladder & Bowel.
Pressure Sores.
Wheelchair choosing & fitting.

Living with Heart Failure.