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Social Media! How can we function without it right? It’s weird to think back to when MySpace came out and that was a whole new way to find people you knew through mutual friends. Then came Facebook and that took over the world.

Facebook:  TheWheelDean.
I also run a PRIVATE group for wheelchair users who are gun owners. You can not search for the group, you can only join by invitation from me.  If you are interested in joining and are a disabled individual who lives in or around Phoenix, AZ, please send me a friend request on my personal facebook page. Once we are friends I can send you an invite to join the group.

Youtube: The Wheel Dean. So here’s the deal with YouTube. I need 1,000 followers and 4,000 watched hours before I can monetize my channel, so PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL!!! First subscribe, then hit the notification bell so you’ll be alerted to my new videos. Next, hit the like button. Then hit the “Share” button and send this video to someone you think would like it. And lastly, leave a comment in the section below the video. DOING ALL this only takes a few minutes but helps my channel become more relevant in web searches. The YouTube algorithm looks for these things. Thank you for your support!

Instagram: @thewheeldean. Please come follow me!

LinkedIn: The Wheel Dean.

Twitter: @thewheeldean