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Like I said before, “I want to help other disabled persons live a safer life.”  By that I mean I want to help them develop a personal defense strategy, or build upon the one they already have.

What is a “Personal Defense Strategy?”  It is a plan of action that you use to protect yourself from an attacker who plans to inflict bodily harm upon you.  Whether you are in your home or out in public, you need to have a plan for both environments.

Even though I’m a “gun-guy”, I believe a gun should be the absolute last resort for stopping a threat.  I’m not saying that if someone kicks in your front door that you need to blind them with a flashlight before you pepper spray them, then go for the knife and start swinging before you grab your gun, no.  But, you need to know the rules of engagement and when you can legally resort to using deadly force.  In time, with practice, training and repetition, your PDS will be second nature and you’ll be able to apply it without thinking!

If this is something you would like to work on, please contact me.  Together we can figure out what plan works best for you!  Not everyone wants to own a gun, and that’s fine!  But, everyone needs a plan of (counter) attack!

If you have a physical disability and are into firearms (or would like to learn how to handle and shoot a firearm), live in the Phoenix area, and have facebook, please friend me (Dean Joyce).  Once we are friends, I can send you an invite to my private facebook group: Guys and Girls In Wheelchairs With Guns!

Click here to read and understand why I chose an AR-15 for my home defense gun.

If you’d like to join us in target practice, please click the Events link.

** Are you an NRA Member? If not, I would recommend joining. Did you know they have an Adaptive shooting program? Click here to join or here for the Adaptive Shooting program.


Imagine this… You’re in a dark parking lot on the way to your car. You see someone walking in your direction on the sidewalk, no big deal. Then that person steps off the sidewalk and comes in your direction. Unfortunately, you don’t have your pistol on you, so you’ll have to resort to a possible physical defense.  He get’s closer and you’ve got the Cooper Color Codes running through your head.  You have a knife and this flashlight. What to do?  BLIND HIM with your flashlight FIRST!  A 1,000-lumen flashlight straight to the face will blind a person and hinder their vision for up to a minute in most cases.  You can use this minute to fight the person off, using whatever you can, even the flashlight as a blunt object to strike with!  The whole idea is to protect yourself and STOP the threat without ending a life in the process. This flashlight is a great deal!  It can also be mounted to a rifle on a Pic-Rail with the correct mount! Just be careful if you use this indoors as it may light up your walls and blind you momentarily!

Try this:  Tonight when it’s totally dark in your room, turn on your cell phone flashlight (approx 12 lumens). Hold it about a foot away from your face, stare at it and count to 10.  Now shine it across the room and look. How long does it take to see clearly. Imagine being the attacker or intruder, especially if in an unfamiliar place.  Your 12-lumen phone won’t do anything, but this 1,000-lumen flashlight will!

My Certifications:

One day I will have a page dedicated to listing all the certifications I have acquired in firearms training.  Due to financial reasons and other obligations I have, it is going to take some time. So, for now I will just post them here. If you are interested in learning what type of firearms training is available, please check:
AZ Armed Citizens Academy – (I Completed June 2020)
The NRA Website – (Currently taking Basics of Pistol Shooting)
AZ Shooters World
C2 Tactical

The video below is a MUST SEE for anyone who is going to touch a firearm. Whether you've been shooting before or not, this is a great video about firearm safety by John Lovell and his Warrior Poet Society. Watch and share so we as law-abiding gun owners can practice and carry safely.