Grand Canyon Aerial
Why is TheWheelDean Going to The Grand Canyon and Las Vegas?  🤔
Las Vegas Aerial

Aside from not having a vacation since 2016, my girlfriend and I are taking her parents to these two famous destinations for their first time!

Another reason is because of my health.  It’s declining.  I have Severe Congestive Heart Failure and have been living with a post-heart-attack heart for almost 20 years now.  So, on top of sticking to a strict healthy diet, it is vital that I find a way to minimize stress while also being able to earn a living.  I left my very stressful automotive job in April 2022 and would like to start creating quality content and grow my YouTube channel.  I know there are many other YouTubers out there already, but how many of them are a guy and a girl who are both in wheelchairs who travel in a Corvette?  Hmm.

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Details about the Trip:

With the help of multiple GoPro cameras, I will be recording everything!  The first day we will travel from Phoenix, AZ to the Southern entrance of The Grand Canyon.  We will then take the Corvette up Hermit Rd to each of the lookout points, just like the Canyon Tour Bus does!  Then when the day is over we will drive down to Williams, AZ and stay in a hotel that night.

The next day we drive to Las Vegas and check in to one of the most iconic hotels on the strip where we will spend the next 3 nights!  I’ll be recording all sorts of stuff as I test my amateur camera and editing skills!

On our way back to Phoenix we might visit the Hoover Dam and/or Lake Mead.