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The products you see in the left column are products that I have purchased and use.  In the right column is my personal description and opinion of each product.  I have no sponsorship from any of the manufacturers, so you can rest assured that what I have written is unbiased.  If you have any questions please ask me.  I am an Amazon affiliate, so any purchases you make via the product links below will help to fray the expense of me keeping this website updated and secure.  Thank you!

Advanced Ear Protection:  These low profile Walker Electronic ear muffs work great.  I always saw people at the range wearing electronic ear protection and I wondered why.  So I ordered this set.  I put batteries in, turned them on and put them on my head.  A nice firm placement and easily adjustable.  I could hear perfectly and noticed I could hear the TV in the bedroom from down the hall even though I could barely hear it without these on!  So to test them I went to my garage, grabbed a hammer and hit a 2×4 a few times to simulate a gun shot, and it didn’t sound like anything.  It filters out the “bang” and only let’s through what you want to hear.  The only negative thing about these muffs is that if someone calls your name, you can’t tell where they are since both ears pick the sound up equally.  But who cares, these are a great deal!!!

Basic Low Profile Ear Protection:  This inexpensive pair of Walker ear muffs feature a low profile outer shell so you can shoulder your rifle comfortably while still being able to sight-in your target.  These can be used for pistol shooting and rifle shooting.  The fit is firm but comfortable.

Basic Ear Protection:  Here is a good pair of basic ear muffs by Walker.  These block out a lot of noise!  They are inexpensive, but they get the job done.  They are pretty bulky, so I’d recommend these more for pistol shooting rather than rifle shooting.  The fit itself is firm but comfortable.

Eye Protection:  You only have 2 eyes, so protect them!  These are cheap!  I bought a dozen so I could use them at the gun range and have a few spares for those who come with me.  I also use them wen I’m cutting wood or metal with my powertools.  They are really light and fit comfortably.  Get a dozen for only $15.00?  Hell yea!

Case for Ear Muffs and Glasses:  This case is perfect for protecting your ear muffs and glasses.  This case fits my Electronic Walker ear muffs nice and snug along with the safety glasses, cloths, extra batteries, etc.  I haven’t tried it but I’d be confident that it would protect everything fine even if it were thrown down a hard staircase.  I only have one of these because I don’t bother protecting the cheap basic ear muffs, but I highly recommend this case for the good muffs!

Elbow Pad:  As a C5-7 Quadriplegic I have no “trunk control” and need to lean on my elbows a lot to support my upper body.  When I’m at the gun range, I need this on because I’m always leaning on my left elbow when I have to load a magazine, adjust the rifle stand, pretty much any reason, this protects very well and holds up over time.  I used to wear this every day for 12 hours when I had a desk job.  I’d wear it out i about 9 months on average when worn 60 hours per week.  Not bad!

Tool Tote:  Although it doesn’t fit my AR-15, this tote fits everything else that I take to the range!  It holds the case with my electronic ear muffs & glasses along with 2 other sets of muffs, more glasses, extra mags, the ammo, her pistol, my pistol, and a bottle of water.  Being that I can’t grasp, the rigid handle makes it easy for me to hook the back of my hand under and lift it off the ground.  I have a few of these.  Fits great on my lap as I roll around! 

Rifle Stand:  This stand fits my AR-15 perfectly!  It holds it securely and adjusts in height front and rear easily.  A 30-round mag can be used when adjusted to the right height.

I have taught a few first timers how to shoot, and having the rifle on this stand helps them feel more comfortable at first.  This is great for anyone who has any limits to their physical abilities.  It’s definitely worth the investment in the safety factor alone!

Rubber Grip Mat:  I bought this rubber mat for my toolbox and realized it would be great at the range!  Last time we were at Ben Avery I laid it down and put the rifle stand on it.  The stand didn’t slip at all and it’s nice to be able to lay your weapons down on the rubber rather than on the typical concrete or diamond plate surface that leaves scratches on your stuff.

Flashlight (your first weapon):  Yes you can blind a person just long enough to give yourself a tactical advantage over an attacker. 
Imagine this… You’re in a dark parking lot on the way to your car. You see someone walking in your direction on the sidewalk, no big deal. Then that person steps off the sidewalk and comes in your direction.  A 1,000-lumen flashlight straight to the face will blind a person and hinder their vision for up to a minute in most cases.  You can use this minute to fight the person off, using whatever you can, even the flashlight as a blunt object to strike with!  The whole idea is to protect yourself and STOP the threat without ending a life in the process. This flashlight is a great deal!  It can also be mounted to a rifle on a Pic-Rail with the correct mount! Just be careful if you use this indoors as it may light up your walls and blind you momentarily!

Leg Holster:  This is a pretty good holster for the price.  I have worn it a few times just around the house both with and without a pistol in it.  Being that I cannot feel my legs, I wore it for an hour by itself and then inspected my skin to see if it was leaving any red marks.  It wasn’t, so I put a Bersa 380 Pistol in it with extra mag and that was fine an hour later.  So then I try my 22Lr S&W pistol and that ended up going well too.  For those of us in a wheelchair, this is a good holster if you wear the weapon on the inside of your leg.

The only bad thing about this fabric holster is if you have anything else that is Velcro, it will attach itself to every inch of it.

2-Point Sling:  This Magpul 2pt sling with quick-adjust is one of the best add-ons for any rifle.  I have this on my AR-15 and it has enabled me to shoot it without the rifle stand. The quick-adjust makes it really easy to make it just tight enough to shoulder the butt stock tight into my shoulder as I get ready to aim.  This creates 4 firm points of contact and increases accuracy AND safety!

If you choose to use an AR-15 as your primary home defense firearm, make sure it’s equipped with a sling.  Reason for this is that if you have an intruder who gets to you before you have a chance to stop the threat, and you get into a scuffle, a sling will help you retain your weapon.  The last thing you want is to mistakingly arm your attacker.  So, one way or another, get a sling!

Rifle Bag:  Chances are if you have a rifle, you probably have a rifle bag for it.  But I’m going to show you the one I use for my AR-15.  It’s padded nicely and protects as much as I need it too.  There’s a decent size zipper pocket and 3 magazine pockets that I keep my 30-round Magpul’s in.  I would love a hard case, but this one is so light and have a little flex helps when transporting it.

Laser Bore Sight:  If you want to sight-in your new optic without firing a shot, get one of these.  Adjust your dot with the red laser dot on the target and you should be all good to go!  This one is for .223 & .556.  You’ll have to find your caliber. 

Red – Green Dot Optic:  This co-witness red dot / green dot optic mounts to your picatinny rail and helps you sight-in your target quickly.  This one has the 2 colors and 4 different optical choices.  I have this on my AR-15.

Laser Sight:  I have this Laser on my Smith & Wesson M&P Compact 22Lr Pistol.  It’s got ambidextrous on/off button and fits nicely on the pic rail.  What better way to stop someone in their tracks than to make your cat chase the laser dot right up to their face and scratch the hell out of them!?!  But seriously, this is great in a self defense situation where you might be caught by surprise in your sleep and have trouble focusing?  Just put the dot on the threat and the party is over!

S&W Dagger:  This Smith & Wesson Dagger is inexpensive, light, and fit’s nicely into my wheelchair gloves.  The quillon is large enough and equal on both sides and therefore protects my hands very well if I had to jab something.

Anyone who carries a firearm should also carry a knife.  Your gun should only be used as a last-resort weapon.  

Survival Knife:  This 12″ long knife has a 7″ blade and comfortable handle, but I wouldn’t recommend it for a carry knife.  This is more of a Home knife that you can mount the holster somewhere convenient but out of reach of the kids.

Exercise Resistance Bands:  Why did I put these on a page full of self defense products?  Because everyone needs a little more exercise than what they are getting right now AND you can use these during weapon-practice.  For those of us in wheelchairs, muscle tone is important and these bands can be used in many positions and work easily with those lacking the ability to hold a dumbbell. I use these as part of my daily exercise routine and occasionally will practice weapon manipulation with my AR-15 and these together for resistance during the moves, mostly from retention to presenting.  That upward move with resistance during practice will help you improve your presentation, shoulder the rifle quicker, therefore sighting your target in less time.  It’ll also build strength, stamina, and decrease fatigue.

I bought this air compressor in 2016 to use on my wheelchair tires and it has been great!  It holds a charge long enough to do my tires every few weeks for a few months before having to recharge it.  I haven’t tried it on anything else, but it works great on my 115psi tubes!

Not only is this mattress great to have for an overflow of guests, or to take on vacation with you, it can also save your life!

Remember those commercials… “Help! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!?”  Well, today I fell out of my wheelchair and although it rarely ever happens, I cannot get up off the floor without being lifted.  It was almost 2 years ago that I last fell on the floor.  My girlfriend was out of town and I had to wait almost a hour for my neighbor to get home from work and come help me.  I thought a lot during that hour until I realized that maybe a self-inflating air mattress would work.  Hmm.  So I ordered one and tested it.  My girlfriend laid on it flat and I plugged it in.  The compressor didn’t struggle at all and within 2 minutes she was up at the height of our normal bed!  So today, she got the airbed and I slid myself onto it, laid in the middle and hit the switch.  Once it was full, I was able to transfer into my wheelchair.  Whew!

I highly recommend you have one of these if you are unable to get yourself off the floor!

When you need something with some serious grippage, you need a roll of Dycem!  I first used this stuff when I was in Physical Therapy after my accident.  It helped to compensate for my lack of hand grasp.  I now use it for stupid little things like I wrap a piece of it around my deodorant so it doesn’t slip out of my hand and crumble all over the floor!  It’s washable and reusable, so get yourself some!

I bought 2 of these cheap dash cameras in 2018 and I wasn’t expecting much, but trust me this off-brand is a great deal!  It comes with a rear view camera with picture-in-picture and doubles as a backup camera!  The only sucky part is the suction cup doesn’t suck very well.  I already replaced the suction cup in my Corvette once and I’m going on a 3rd suction cup in my Accord, the 2nd one melted in this crazy AZ sun/heat!  BUT both cameras still work perfect even after being subjected to 150+ degree interior temperatures. So get yourself one NOW! With all the idiot drivers out there and these “no fault” accidents, you can furnish a video to show the cops and lawyer that it wasn’t your fault. If it was your fault, then hide the camera (lol).