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Why I bought an AR-15:

Since my girlfriend and I are both in wheelchairs, I bought a gun to boost our level of security and give us the upper hand if we ever need to defend ourselves in our own home.

Most persons might feel a pistol (handgun) would be sufficient, and in most cases it would be. However, due to my physical disability, I lack the use of my fingers and cannot grasp a pistol safely, firmly, and handle the recoil (kickback).  So for me, a rifle is the logical choice!

I went to my friends gun store (Hits and Miss’s) and bought a Smith & Wesson M&P Sport-2 AR-15 with forward assist.  Why did I choose an AR-15 for home defense?  Because this gun:

  • Is extremely reliable!  This is absolutely crucial if I need to defend my life!
  • Is easily adjustable!  It has a butt-stock that quickly adjusts to a shorter length if my girlfriend needed to use it. (It is fully extended in the picture).
  • Has minimal recoil (kick).  This rifle is designed for accuracy and for ease of staying on target. Therefore it is extremely manageable. It is much much safer than using a shotgun.
  • Is semi-automatic.  This means I can fire one bullet with each pull of the trigger without having to pull the bolt back.  Again, this ability is crucial when seconds count.
  • Has a 30-round magazine.  This is important because I want a ZERO chance of running out of ammo during a self-defense situation, especially if faced with multiple intruders. (This does not mean I would shoot more than what is reasonable and necessary to stop the threat).
  • Has multiple points of contact.  Unlike holding a handgun with just your hand(s), holding a rifle is safer because it is more stable. One hand holds the barrel, the trigger hand holds the grip, the butt-stock is firmly against the pocket between your chest and shoulder muscles, and the sling around your neck provides the final point of contact and holds everything else from moving around. This improves accuracy greatly!
  • Is LOUD!  The noise will alert the neighbors that something is going on at my house and they should call the police. Also, the noise of the first shot is intimidating enough that if there is more than one intruder, chances are the ones who weren’t hit will run away!
  • Is less likely to be used against me.  Even if I were to have full use of my hands and was able to firmly grasp a pistol, there’s a chance it could be used against me in a physical altercation.  Instead, my AR-15 has a sling that I put my left arm through so it is strapped around my body.  The length of the gun makes it impossible for it to be turned against me.  The worst case scenario would be if the trigger were pulled during a physical altercation, it could possibly cause some damage below my knees, but I’m fine with that because the fight can still continue!
  • Has an endless selection of add-on features!   Forward grips, flashlight mounts, laser sights, bipod mounts, and a slew of different optics and scopes, larger capacity magazines and drums, and so many other things that I can’t list them all.

I would like to share with you some firearm statistics straight from the website for the year 2017.  Please be aware that nearly 65% of all the murders noted were self-inflicted (suicide).

  • Number of murders by Handgun = 7,032.
  • Number of murders by Rifle (AR-15 falls into this category) = 403.
  • Number of murders by Shotgun = 264.
  • Number of murders by different or unknown type of firearm = 3,283.

Please re-read those numbers if you have to, and feel free to check my source…

If we want to save lives, we need to address the main problem.  Regardless of the weapon used, approximately 65% of all the deaths listed above were suicide.  A person who is suicidal has a severe underlying mental health issue.  The remaining 35% of the deaths listed above contain murderers.  A person who intentionally murders someone else for any reason other than self-defense, also has a severe underlying mental health issue!

What needs to be done (but won’t be done):

  • Create a better mental health care system in this country.
  • Normalize psychology and remove the taboo toward those who seek psychological treatment.  Psychology is healthcare for your mind!
  • Educate our children better by focusing on their individual strengths and talents!  Stop sticking them in a standardized curriculum that stifles their growth and makes it difficult for them to become the best version of themselves.
  • Stop big-pharma from pushing our doctors to push more medications.  Many medications have side-effects that cause depression, altered perceptions, irrational behavior, etc.

There are more things to list, but I’ll leave it at that for now.  The most effective way to save lives is to eliminate the root cause of the act of murder, not the weapon used.

I am always open for discussion on this topic and willing to share my knowledge of firearms and especially firearm safety.  Just contact me!