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Whiplash Ads Believes:

Local businesses need more customers, dedicated customers!

Shopping local at the smaller stores will help our area survive and thrive!

“Word of mouth” referrals to your family and friends are a great way to help local businesses.  The ad on your car is a great way to capture everyone else’s interest!

Those who support my vision early on in the beginning stages are visionaries like myself.  


If you drive a nice vehicle that catches attention on the road, it can work wonders for local businesses.  I started this business after I bought a Corvette.  It’s a 2002 but it’s black and in mint condition.  I thought up the name Whiplash Ads and wrapped it on the drivers side.  You won’t believe how much attention it gets going down the street!  Then with Covid-19 impacting businesses and people like you and me, I think this is the perfect time to come together and help each other out!  Just by putting a business ad somewhere on your car, you can earn a little passive income.  It’s not going to make you rich, but it’ll be a little something to help pay the bills!  Put a few businesses on your care and earn more!

I’m looking for vehicles that capture attention in a good way.  Any type of sportscar that is in “like new” condition and is not obnoxiously loud.  Minivans and Pickup trucks are also great for advertising space!

My vision is to one day have a fleet of sportscars that look like they just came off the race track, all sponsored by local businesses!  The vans and pickups will look like part of our race team!  Look at some of the highly sponsored race cars on TV.  Look how amazing some of those graphics look!  Imagine driving your car all wrapped up on a cruise with the rest of us.  Imagine how much attention we can draw to local businesses who will then in-turn love what we are doing for them!  When we help the small businesses, the small businesses help the area which helps all of us!

Drivers must be at least 21 years old, have a clean and valid drivers license (no DUI, no distracted driving, no speeding tickets).  You should drive the car regularly at least 5 days each week and park the car where it is visible to the passers-by.  More exposure = more recognition = more business = more demand for what we are providing!

First we need to connect you with a local business looking to advertise.  They will choose a panel on your vehicle and you will be paid $xx.xx per month to give them local exposure for a certain length of time. Click here to contact Dean.

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