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Whiplash Ads Believes:

Local businesses need to work together and help each other grow.

Shopping local at the smaller stores will help our area survive and thrive!

“Word of mouth” referrals are the strongest representation of positive feedback from a current customer whom should be rewarded.

Alternative methods of advertising help your business get more exposure.


I started Whiplash Ads LLC because I want to help local businesses tap into a new following of customers. I’m not looking to reinvent advertising, I’m just offering an alternative way to advertise, gain new customers and engage your current customers so that they all help spread the word about your business.  “Word of mouth” is a valuable, effective, and inexpensive advertising method.  Let me expand on that and combine it with the power of Social Media.  Together we will build your following!

We can design an eye-catching advertisement for you based on your company font and logo.  Once you see what it would look like on the car and you approve, we can have it printed out and wrapped on the panel of your choice.  The average turn-around time from design to getting the wrap installed is about 3-weeks.  It all depends on the intricacies of your design.

Advertising on the Corvette ranges from $50-$120 per month depending on which panel you choose (full hood is most costly, rear quarter panel is cheapest).  Please click here for pricing.

The vinyl wrap will be an additional expense and you will pay Highway 85* directly for that prior to install.  Cost varies but you will be given a rough estimate once we see the design.

Advertising is free for those who Whiplash Ads creates and maintains a website for.

*Highway 85 Creative is a company located right here on 71st Ave & Orangewood Ave.  They do amazing graphic design and can do anything from a small decal to an entire trade show exhibit or store layout.  You can browse their website here.

If we go through another round of increasing Virus numbers and are forced to shut down, you will not be charged for the days that you are not able to be open for business, generating income.  I am willing to do this because as small business owners we need to look out for each other!

I design websites.  In fact, I designed this entire website!  I registered to be my main domain name and then set and as extensions with their own web addresses.

I can take care of everything for you from registering a domain name to creating and maintaining your website, to managing its SSL (security) and SEO (search engine optimization).

Don’t forget!  If I create a website for you and maintain it as needed, your website address will be displayed on the Company Corvette and on this website at no additional charge!

Although the Federal ADA Law has been in effect since 1992, most small businesses fail ADA compliance.  As a business owner (even if you rent your space) you are responsible for at least providing “reasonable accommodations” for customers with physical limitations.  This is a group of dedicated potential customers who just want to know they can be accommodated.  I can help you understand what all of this means as I have performed numerous professional ADA inspections throughout the valley and have a physical disability myself.  More information coming soon!


Even if you choose not to advertise with Whiplash Ads LLC, we ask that you choose a local company rather than a large firm that has investors whose interests are outside of our locality.  By shopping local at the family-run businesses rather than any big box retail chain, you help keep the money in our local economy.  Don’t forget, cash is king, use cash as much as possible and keep the cash system alive!

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