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Dean Joyce

Entrepreneur, Crypto Investor, Childhood Leukemia Survivor, C5-7 Quadriplegic, Corvette Guy! Scroll down for more!

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The Wheel Dean

This section is about my personal life. From what I'm doing now to how I got here. I touch on everything from eating dinner with Ozzy and overcoming Childhood Leukemia, to working hard as a young kid so I could have ATV's, cars, a boat and more before I graduated high school! But that isn't all, so come check out the rest of my story!

Ratchet & Wrench Magazine

The December 2017 issue of Ratchet & Wrench magazine.  I knew they were going to do a writeup on me but I was shocked to see I had landed on the cover as well.  Click the button below to read the full article!

The Man, The Mystery…

For those of you who have no idea who I am, I have written a short “life story” page for you!  Please check it out.  You’ll realize that I don’t give up!  I will take you through my childhood Leukemia experience, and then continue up through my teens, having a great time until I was 21 when I sustained a Spinal Cord Injury.  Again you’ll realize I don’t give up!

(A note about this photo:  This was taken at Niagara Falls in 1992.  I felt so gross.  I took my Corvette to the car wash, then for a quick highway run to blow the water out of the body lines.  I stopped to say hi to a friend who was getting off work at 7am and took her for a “quick ride.”  Eight hours later we were spontaneously in Niagara falls.  I was unshowered, windburned from driving with the roof off all day, and omg my hair was a mess!  Well, it turns out that this is the best pre-injury picture I have of myself!!!  I guess thats the trick!)